Wednesday, December 01, 2010

what if u lost it all tomorrow ???

what if u lost it all tomorrow
and u came home and it was all gone ?
all your cd's and movies and clothing ?
the couch and your copy of Pong ?
what if u lost all your worldly posessions ?
what would you have to take with u ?
would u have Jesus Christ in your heart?
or would u just be all alone and blue?


The difference between yesterday and today

The difference between yesterday and today is you cannot make a new friend yesterday:)


God is Love therefore to have God in your heart is to have the absence of hate.

This I did for you by Ray Nichols

Fish by Ray Nichols

Angel by Ray Nichols

The Power of 3 by Ray Nichols

never alone

never alone

he dreamed he was walking with god on the shore
he looked back and saw prints in the sand
sometimes he saw 2 and sometimes he saw 1
and he started to misunderstand

never alone, never alone
with jesus youre never alone

the lord told him, "yes, i was walking with you. when you only see one print don't moan. when you only saw one i was carrying you. all the time, you were never alone."

july 1994

jesus never quit on me

jesus never quit on me
posted 11/05/03

jesus never quit on me
he came to earth on a mission
he came to earth to set us free
he didnt have to do it
but selfish he wouldnt be

oh praise god, jesus never quit on me
he saved me from the lake of fire
i turned away, but he did not
i came back again on bended knee
he could have told me to rot
but praise god, jesus never quit on me

in god we trusted

in god we trusted
posted 11/19/03

In God we trusted
that he would show the way.
In God we trusted
that we would find a brighter day.
God led us thru the hard times
with his writings on our wall.
Our judicial system
is based on His law.
If they take away our brass ring,
what will we have to reach for?
A nation with no morals
is a nation with no law.
Jesus freed the colonies
and tamed the wild, wild west.
we gave him so little,
but He gave us His best.
The dogs of hell are growling
at our front door.
Should we let them in,
or should we lock the door?


Dear God,

Dear God,
posted 11/19/03

America here. We came here because the King of England wouldnt give us our religious freedom. We trusted you to set us free. We even said so on our money. We based our courts on your commandments, and put them on the courthouse walls. You brought us thru the depression when all we had was you. Our faith in you kept us going, and taught us how to care for each other. Our children grew up on you and learned to respect each other. The crime rate was lower, and everyone got better, then they took prayer out of school, and peace went in the shredder. Now the kids carry guns to school, and they're taking your words off the courthouse walls, and they want to take you off the money, too. We could stop them, but we don't have the balls.
Looking back, we could plainly see, looking back thru history, that when we were with u life was good, but we're a new generation now, that would rather live in "the hood".
We don't need u anymore. We've outgrown you now. Peace and love are old-fashioned, o yeah, and also compassion. So "hasta la vista" God. We're off to sell some crack. We're trying to get away from you, but we'll come crawling back.

our brave new world

our brave new world
posted 11/19/03

what does the future hold
for a country with no god?
peace? love? faith? hope?
nope, i think not.
there was a time
when we had no god,
and then we had no law.
it was just a question of
who was faster on the draw.
i'm kinda glad that god came in
and saved us from despair,
but it looks like we are heading back
to that anarchy "right thurr".


in the other land

in the other land
posted 01/14/04

in this land, i could smoke until my skin turns blue, and drink and swear and party all night long. i could make a lot of money selling crack cocaine, or kill a man and think that nothing's wrong.

but in the other land, there's a nail-scarred hand that belongs to someone who died to save all man. i could have myself a good time while i'm in this land, but i'll smile for all eternity in the other land.

in this land, we have treasures and wondrous things to see, like the pyramids and geysers and Northern Lights. the rabbits that run. the bees that buzz. the squirrels that fly. just stand and watch the eagle in its flight.

but in the other land, there's an angel band. and mansions greater than those ever built by man. in this land, we crave diamonds and gold in every hand, but treasures beyond compare are in the other land. well, i'll meet you in the garden in the other land.


what would u give?

what would u give?
posted 01/17/04

what would u give to live in a land,
where you'll never die and never lose a hand?
where you'll never grow old and never grow tired;
never go to work and never get fired?
everybody's your best friend. peace and joy will never end.
no more wars and no more lies
no more hunger or "good-byes"
no more thieves, and no more crimes
no more deadlines
no more time
no more bills to have to pay
no more pain to come your way
what would you give to live in that neighborhood today???

1000 rivers

1000 rivers
posted 01/17/04

Lord, i know that i'm not worthy of the love you give to me. and i cant say that i'd blame you, if you turned your back on me. this big old world is full of strangers who dont care a lot for me, and yet i know that thru the dangers youll be right beside of me.

i guess you must have cried 1000 rivers for the ones still lost in sin, and if they would simply ask you. you would gladly let them in.

lord i thank you for compassion, you didnt have to give to me, and lord thanks to your salvation my burdened heart has been set free. i'd like to thank you for this morning when you let me wake again. another day that u have give me, to save my loved ones out in sin.

that old man...

that old man...
posted 01/17/04

that old man... he's insane... he says that its gonna rain... now who ever heard of water from the sky... that old man's a crazy guy...

that old man... he's a nut... he says there will be a flood... he says that we're all gonna die... that old man's a crazy guy..

Thank God that Jesus died at Calvary

Thank God that Jesus died at Calvary
posted 01/17/04

thank god that jesus bled at calvary. thank god that he shed his blood for me. if he had not bled and died, i could not stand by his side. thank god that jesus bled for you and me.

thank god- thank god- thank god that jesus died- thank god that he cried at calvary. thank god they pierced his side. for my soul, he gave his life. thank god he shed his blood to set us free

thank god that jesus cried at calvary. thank god that he shed a tear for me. i was dying in sin, til he paid my entrance in. thank god that jesus cried for u and me.

thank god that jesus died at calvary. thank god that he suffered such agony. if he had not took my place, i would never see his face. thank god that jesus died for you and me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

sin insurance

sin insurance
posted 01/17/04 (edited Tuesday, May 24, 2005 17:28)

i can party all night long. raising hell until the dawn. i can break all the commandments ever made. i can live the way i please. never dropping to my knees. cause i cant lose my salvation anyway.
i can cuss, and smoke, and drink. i can cheat and never think. cause thats what a preacher told me one day.

rolling stone

rolling stone
posted 01/17/04 (edited Tuesday, May 24, 2005 17:27)

rolling stone
rolled to the side
on day one
before the sun could rise
they came to see the son
but they did not stay long
the stone was moved
and jesus was gone

on the first day of the week before the rise of sun, mary and martha went to the tomb they came to see jesus but jesus was gone the stone was moved and nobody was home.

satan tried to keep him in he tried with all his might he had guards posted round him day and night, but satan discovered that he can never win. the stone was rolled away and he could not keep him in.

Only God

Only God
posted 01/17/04

only god can take away your sorrows- only god can wash away your sin- only god can wake you up tomorrow- only god can make u whole again

now ol satan is working hard to get u- and your family is not out of his sights- he'll twist around the words of god to work for him and make u think that anything's alright!

now ol satan will tell u not to worry- its ok- u were born that way- just remember, he's th master of deception- and he can quote the scripture any day

dont let satans demons overtake u- jesus can take them all away- they will gladly lead u to the devil- and laugh at your torment all the way!

and on my journey home

and on my journey home
posted 01/17/04

and on my journey home, i'll not look on the shoulders, and on my journey home, ill not be turned aside, and on my journey home i'll not let satan stop me, for i'm going home to be by His side

on my journey i've seen others change directions. ive seen others who have pulled off on the side. but i'm determined that i won't let satan stop me, for i'm heading for a mansion in the sky.

while the people of this world hunt earthly treasures, with an emptiness so deep inside their hearts. i don't have to search for wealth beyond all measure. i've got a greater treasure in my heart

my director

my director
posted 01/17/04

i want the lord to be my director to lead me down this road so long to show the way that's straight and narrow and take me to my heavenly home

the stage was set there at calvary they nailed him to a rugged cross he showed the way that i must follow he gave his life to save the lost

a scene took place down at an altar down on my knees i earned my prize when i was saved then i rejoiced there it brought tears to my critics' eyes

1 happy day there'll be a gathering to give awards for jobs well done i'll stand and thank my dear director for without him i couldn't have won

Lord Save Me

Lord Save Me
posted 01/17/04

peter walked on the water to be by jesus side
he took his eyes off the lord and watched the rolling tide.
he lost his faith in jesus and sinking down he shied,
and then in a panic "Lord, save me," peter cried.

Let the Son shine in

Let the Son shine in
posted 01/17/04

let the SON shine in.
face him with a grin
winners never lose and
sinners never win
so let the son shine in
face him with a grin-
open up your heart
and let the Son shine in!

Lean on God

Lean on God
posted 01/17/04

if u have a problem u dont understand, u will need somebody to lean on. just call on the master, he'll give u a hand. we all need somebody to lean on.

lean on god, when youre not strong, and he'll be your friend. he'll help u carry on. no, it wont be long til youre gonna need somebody to lean on...

I want u back, Lord

i want You back, Lord

you're all i ever wanted. you're all i ever needed, o Lord. i'm down on my knees now, cause i want u back!
it's hard to say i'm sorry. its hard to make up for the things i've done. a lesson i've learned too well, o Lord. i wandered far away, Lord. i'm trying to figure out just what to do. i'm going crazy without you.

you're all i ever wanted. you're all i ever needed. so tell me what to do now, cause i want u back.

all my friends remember the way i used to be back then with you. i used to smile the day away. i told em not to worry. i said that everything would be alright. i didn't know then that they were right.

you're the 1 i want. you're the 1 i need. Lord, what can i do? you're the 1 i want. you're the 1 i need. tell me, what can i do??

I wandered alone

i wandered alone thru life's lonely forest.
no friend could i find to welcome me in.
the sun was gone down.
the cold was coming.
then i met a wise man who led me from sin.

jAN 17 2004





There's a little church in our neighborhood.
I was passing by it and I wasn't feeling good.
I heard the music playing so I stepped inside the door.
People were a singin' and a runnin' 'round the floor,

Well I listened to the music and I listened to them sing.
They sang just like the angels and i had to tap my feet.
Well soon i clapped my hands and then i sang along.
By the time i left that building all my bad feelings was gone,

and they was shoutin'
yea they was shoutin'
That little church was a shakin' as the people stomped their feet.
They clapped their hands and praised His name.
You could hear them on the street as they was shoutin'

Now Jesus is my savior and he has been since that spring.
And when i die i'll go to hear the angels as they sing.
And i know that they'll be singing a happy joyous song,
and we'll have all eternity to clap and sing along

and we'll be shoutin'.
yea we'll be shoutin'

The pearly gates will be shakin as we clap and stomp our feet.
We'll raise our hands and praise His name all over the golden streets
and we'll be Shoutin'.
yea, we'll be shoutin'
yea, we'll be shoutin'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sounds of Torment

the sounds of torment

there'll be gnashing there of teeth...
people sobbing in their grief...
liars in the lake are burning...
and the back-sliders are yearning...
for the days before they turned away...
and sealed their fates...
these are the sounds of torment...
and the people bowed and prayed...
dear god save us from this fate...
but they found it was too late...
and they could not reach the gate...
and the people saw their loved ones
rejoicing around the throne...
and, in pain, they groaned...
these are the sounds of torment...