Friday, January 10, 2014

Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father,
         Watch over our friends and loved ones fighting for our freedom and security at home and in distant lands. Keep them safe, I pray, and bring them home soon to those who love and miss them. Amen.

A world without faith

A world without faith
Is a world without hope.
A world without hope
Is a world without God.
A world without God
Is a world without peace.
A world without peace
Is a world without life.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No peace for the wicked

For your own good i spit the truth
for the devil is a liar
he wants to drag you into hell and set your soul
on fire
there is no heaven for the wicked
no gangsta lean on high
if you do not repent and live right
you will burn when you die
do not let the Rain man
trick you into thinking
its okay
if you do not change your evil ways
you will burn with him some day


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

what if u lost it all tomorrow ???

what if u lost it all tomorrow
and u came home and it was all gone ?
all your cd's and movies and clothing ?
the couch and your copy of Pong ?
what if u lost all your worldly posessions ?
what would you have to take with u ?
would u have Jesus Christ in your heart?
or would u just be all alone and blue?


The difference between yesterday and today

The difference between yesterday and today is you cannot make a new friend yesterday:)


God is Love therefore to have God in your heart is to have the absence of hate.

This I did for you by Ray Nichols

Fish by Ray Nichols

Angel by Ray Nichols

The Power of 3 by Ray Nichols

never alone

never alone

he dreamed he was walking with god on the shore
he looked back and saw prints in the sand
sometimes he saw 2 and sometimes he saw 1
and he started to misunderstand

never alone, never alone
with jesus youre never alone

the lord told him, "yes, i was walking with you. when you only see one print don't moan. when you only saw one i was carrying you. all the time, you were never alone."

july 1994